“Before undergoing care, I suffered from migraines. I was having about 5 per week and was unable to focus or be present at school and at home. I was in pain most of the time, and I was extremely frustrated because it only seemed to be getting worse. Cam did a great job of organizing and managing my care, and he was able to help decrease my migraines to about one every 2-3 weeks. After care, I finally felt able to give 100% to my schoolwork and life at home. I so appreciated his holistic approach to my care- he actually got to know me as a person and what my goals were, then continued to encourage me throughout the whole process. He also placed an emphasis on patient education and answered any and every question I had, always helping me understand the plan of care and validating any concern I came into the clinic with. I would definitely recommend Cam to those suffering from migraines, as well as anyone looking for a chiropractor who will provide them with excellent, personalized care.”



I had significant shoulder pain in both shoulders, such that it was very painful to reach my arms over my head. After our initial consultation he determined that he could help me. This was my first ever chiropractor experience, and he took the time to explain what the process would look like and exactly what to expect. He nailed it across the board. My shoulder pain is now practically gone. Despite Dr. Daniel telling me how much he could help me, I have to say I am shocked by how much better I feel, and how quickly it happened. I would recommend him to anyone.


Im a 60 yr old that has had 20 years of chronic neck and back pain. I tried most everything over the years. It wasnt until I walked into The Specific Chriopractic, that I obtained the relief I had been seeking for years!
That’s where I met Dr Cameron Daniels. Dr Cam is an Upper Cervical Specialist. He is a gifted, skilled, and a professional doctor.
Dr Cam puts in the time to take an xray, review it carefully, He takes spinal scans and medical information, asked questions of me, including what questions I may have of him. Then he formed my personal care plan including a projected time frame for my health progress, the cost, and what would be required on my part.
I have recently completed Dr Cam’s plan, it has gone just as he had designed it, no unpleasant surprises. He also was correct about the results I could anticipate. He is a rarity, and I am so fortunate that I have him for my doctor.


Dr. Cam is truly a rare gem and a breath of fresh air in the medical community!

I have suffered with CRPS for almost 9 years. That means 9 years of medical treatments, many, many different doctors, medications, surgeries, and even alternative treatments. I lived a lot of my life in bed or with a walker. My health was deteriorating quickly.

I’ve spent upwards of 100k trying to manage my pain. Nothing worked. That is, until a friend of mine told me about Dr. Cam. I decided to give him a shot, even though all my faith in the medical community was just about gone. And well, WOW! To say it was worth it would be a huge understatement! Not only is my walker put away, I only get in bed to sleep (not live there), but I am even wearing heals (small)!!!! I thought I would never get to wear them again!

Dr. Cam is not only super knowledgeable about the central nervous system but, he will help you understand it along the way. That combined with his genuine love for his patients sets him apart.

In walking through my miracle, I can’t help but sing his praises! You would be doing yourself a great injustice by not allowing him to help you.


I recently visited Dr. Cam for chiropractic treatment and was thoroughly impressed. Not only was their office clean and welcoming, but Dr. Cam also took the time to listen to my concerns and thoroughly explain their treatment plan. The adjustments were gentle yet effective, and I noticed a significant improvement in my mobility and overall comfort after just a few sessions. The friendly staff and additional resources available outside of clinic visits further enhance the overall experience. This level of personalized treatment and comprehensive support is undoubtedly commendable. I highly recommend Dr. Cam to anyone seeking professional and compassionate chiropractic care.


After over 20 years of doctors incorrectly diagnosing or just masking the symptoms of my wife’s cluster migraine condition, we finally found Doctor Cam at The Specific Chiropractic Clinic and what a game changer that has been. No more nasty preventative drugs that don’t work and have terrible side effects. We received a correct diagnosis and a real plan of action. The kicker is that my wife was headed for a 2 month cycle and Doctor Cam stopped it in its tracks. Also his bedside manner is 2nd to none. What doctor gives you his personal contact info and instructs you to reach out anytime necessary??? We are so blessed that we found this clinic and are forever grateful. I would give this clinic more than a five star review if it were possible.


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